Hello Kitty Foam Pogo Hopper

$ 24.99

Brand new Hello Kitty Foam Pogo Hopper by Flybar licensed by Sanrio

Features of the Flybar Hello Kitty Foam Pogo Jumper:

-Soft, foam hand grips;
-Durable foam base that can be used indoors and out and won't scratch any surface;
-Strong, stretchy "spring" that is in place of a fixed frame. The harder you pull on the bungee, the higher you'll bounce!
-Cute Hello Kitty plush head and a variety of adorable Hello Kitty expressions on the base;
-Built in squeaker for added fun and excitement;
-For Ages 3 & Up and for weights up to 250lbs. That means any parent can enjoy this cute Hello Kitty toy as well!

Start enjoying the Hello Kitty Foam Pogo Jumper today!