31" Complete Skateboards

$ 59.99

  • Lightweight 7 Ply Maple Construction – Our double kick skateboards are made from quality and durable maple wood. 2 Ply Canadian and 5 Ply Chinese.
  • 5” Aluminum Trucks – These trucks are painted white for a sleek look while still being durable and lightweight to keep up with your best tricks.
  • 4mm Riser Pads and Medium/Hard Bushings Assist Your Trucks – The riser pads giving you some extra height to avoid wheel bite while turning or after nailing one of your tricks. The bushings are a perfect hardness so you are turning and pivoting smoothly.
  • 50mm HR 99A PU Wheels – Not only do you get cool looking Flybar wheels, but they are made of a smooth and durable polyurethane to last you a while.
  • ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings – The high ABEC bearings will give your Flybar skateboard a smooth and fast ride.


Flybar, Since 1918. Flybar has been making great sporting goods for nearly 100 years. Innovation, quality and fun is our ongoing legacy. Our premium skateboards continue the Flybar tradition of providing great products for great experiences. Whatever you do on Flybar, remember to ENJOY THE VIEW!


Introducing Flybar Premium Skateboards.   

  • Our decks are a 31” x 8” concave board making it a perfect size for a skater at any level.
  • Pre-built skateboards ready to go right out of the box! Don’t worry about buying all the other parts for your board.
  • Made with top quality parts that will make a great board to cruise and do advanced tricks on.
  • Weighing in at only 5 pounds, this complete skateboard is very lightweight so you can easily nail any trick you want.
  • Wheel base: 17.5”


Drop in with a brand new Flybar Skateboard!