Get Sponsored!

Introducing – The Flybar Sponsored Program (FSP)

We get many requests from our community asking us; “Can I get sponsored by Flybar?”  We are very excited and happy to be able to answer YES! We are looking for talented, dedicated Flybar enthusiasts to join the Flybar Sponsored Program. 

How the Flybar Sponsored Program Works

Getting sponsored by Flybar is an awesome opportunity to get cool gear while you do what you love to do… having fun on Flybar pogo sticks, skateboards and other great Flybar gear. If selected, we provide you access to a super cool app for your phone or computer. When you make an awesome post or other Flybar related contribution, you inform us through the app and you earn points. When you accumulate enough points, you can use them to get cool Flybar gear.
You will also have the inside scoop on new products and may be even asked to test pilot them. We are planning to have exclusive products and opportunities just for our selected sponsored athletes. We will also want to hear your feedback on how Flybar can improve. You become part of the team!

3 Easy Steps to Join the Flybar Sponsored Program

Step #1 -  Apply

Fill out our brief application below. Basically tell us why we should sponsor you and how you might best promote Flybar. 


Step #2.  Join/follow/like/post on the Flybar Social Media channels.

If we see you are doing cool stuff on Flybar social media you have a great chance of being sponsored. If you are active on any social media and you tag #flybar, we will notice.

#3. Impress us.

Send us a video with you safely having fun on Flybar products.
Let us know how and what you share on social media.
The Flybar Team will review your application and let you know if you made it.
We will send you a link to our App, that manages your Sponsorship engagement and lets you know how to redeem the Flybar gear you can earn.

How to excel in the FSP

Stay active in the Sponsored group. We recommend posting content at least once every 2 weeks, and each time you do, post content focused on quality over quantity. Think of each of your posts as an event. Your goal is to impress the community and make them say “WOW” Posting a sloppy photo or video just to post -  won’t win you any points with us.
Be a Pro at communication. Always be professional, and respectful in your videos and in all content choices. This is very important to us, so always be professional.
Sponsorship is not just about skill and it’s not just about us sponsoring you – it’s about dedication to the brand, commitment to our vision, and a relationship that shows we are working together. Part of joining the FSP is being excited about FLYBAR. When you use our gear and support our projects and media content, that goes a long way to impressing us.

What if I’m not chosen for the FSP?

If you don’t make it to the Sponsored Program - especially if you are very young and still learning tricks, you may not possess the talent or poise physically to earn a spot on the sponsored program. But even if you aren’t quite there yet, give it time, believe in yourself, train hard, and stay committed. Do that and one day you’ll join us. Flybar believes that through hard work, dedication, and passion anyone can become part of the Flybar Sponsored Program.  Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter; location in the world doesn’t matter in fact nothing matters to us except who you are as a person and how you represent Flybar.



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