Inside The 800

We invented the pogo stick. Now, we've made it better. Here's how we did it.

Adjustable Piston

The length of our polished steel piston can be set in three positions, from nine to fifteen inches. The longer you set the piston, the higher you'll bounce.

High-Endurance Bearings

The Flybar 800 employs a set of durable plastic bearings engineered to smoothly slide for several years of use. Keep them free of sand and grit for some sick air.

Elastomeric Thrusters

This is what makes the Flybar 800 more than just a pogo. The patented elastomeric thruster system determines the force of your bounce. While you're up there, please take the time to enjoy the view.

Grippy Footpegs

The 800's no-slip grip tape ensures solid footing while you blast off from Earth. Best of all, the bottom plate of each peg is replaceable so nothing can ground your flight.

Slippy Skidplates

Get your rail grind on. The Flybar 800's high-density composite skid plates rest under the grippy footpegs and are highly-resistant to wear.

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