The pogo stick was invented and patented in 1918 by George Hansburg. It was shown to Florenz Ziegfield, a friend of Hansburg's in the early 1920's who immediately had a routine choreographed to be included in his Ziegfield follies. Shortly after its enthusiastic reception because of the fame of the follies, hansburg formed Flybar,Inc. Which went on to become, and remains the worlds largest pogo stick manufacturer in the world. To date, over 25 million pogos have been sold and the Flybar, Inc. pogo is constantly innovating and improving the pogo stick.


Irwin Arginsky, president of SBI Enterprises, shared the same vision for years. Despite SBI's enduring success, Mr. Arginsky persistently hunted down a chance to improve the basic pogo stick to higher levels. It was this common quest for a product that could elevate adults, as well as children, to new heights that ultimately lead to the unlikely partnership between Andy and SBI Enterprises.

Over the years, many changes have been implemented that have improved the safety and durability of these traditional pogo sticks It was in the year 2000 that Flybar, Inc. was presented with a new technology that would enable a pogo stick to be propelled to greater heights. The "natural rubber thruster" technology was patented and the birth of the "extreme pogo" came onto the scene.

today & beyond

To date, Flybar, Inc. has consistently innovated and improved their extreme pogo securing their position as the worlds leader in pogo sticks Besides dramatic improvements that have allowed the Flybar, Inc. pogos to become the "best in class", new research and development continues. Hopefully, we will take the pogo stick into the 21st century high tech / social media world we now live in. Shortly we hope to introduce the worlds "first interactive" pogo stick - our "smart pogo".

We are still passionate about pogos after 96 years, and are proud that the Flybar, Inc. pogo has become "the standard by which all pogos are measured".