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Flybar, the Original Pogo Stick Company, has been around since 1918. We are the world’s largest pogo stick manufacturer, and over the past 7 years we’ve grown from a lineup of 25 pogo sticks to a catalog of over 500 products in 14 different categories.

In addition to pogo sticks, we offer foam pogo hoppers, trick boards, animal hoppers, hopper balls, ride-on vehicles, skateboards, scooters, safety gear, sleds, and pre-school toys and more.

Big things are coming from us, so make sure to keep an eye out in the future!


In the early 1900s, legend has it that George Hansburg explored Asia in search of an ancient, undiscovered civilization. While traveling through Burma, George ran short on food and asked a farmer for aid. The farmer graciously welcomed him in and provided shelter while George planned out the next steps of his adventure. While staying with the farmer, George stumbled upon the farmer’s daughter, Pogo, using a stick-like contraption to jump to and from a temple every day. As the legend goes, this is how George was inspired to invent a similar jumping stick for recreational use. While the pogo stick legend is not true, it is a fun story. In reality, the first wooden jumping sticks were imported to the United States from overseas. Unfortunately, during the trip, the wood used to create the sticks had rotted. Gimble Brothers Department Store asked George, a baby furniture and toy designer, to produce a sturdier jumping stick, and thus the metal and enclosed-spring pogo stick that we know and love today was created. Shortly afterwards, Hansburg formed Flybar, Inc., which has since become the world’s largest pogo stick manufacturer. To date, Flybar has sold over 25 million pogo sticks in nearly every country worldwide.


Hansburg’s original pogo stick company, SBI Enterprises, changed hands in the 70s. Its new owner was equally passionate about pogo sticks, and developed the Flybar Master pogo stick, the most iconic pogo stick of our childhood. If you grew up in the late 70s-90s, you almost certainly encountered this pogo stick at some point. SBI Enterprises constantly strived to improve upon the original pogo design. With the explosion of new manufacturing technologies in the 90s, SBI Enterprises was able to innovate a brand new pogo stick for adults. The original metal spring was too heavy to propel adults, but with the invention of elastomeric tubing, SBI was eventually able to create the Flybar 1200. The Flybar 1200 used patented Elastomeric Thrusters. These thick rubber thruster bands worked much like a bungee cord. When a rider jumped on the pogo stick, the bands were stretched out. When the bands returned to their normal state, they would shoot the pogo stick into the air. The Flybar 1200 was the first big air pogo stick, capable of jumping over 6 feet high. Thus, the sport of X Pogo was born.


We are as passionate about the sport of pogo as George Hansburg was all those years ago. We are proud to say that Flybar pogos are “the standard by which all pogos are measured.” We introduced the pogo stick to the world, added technology and interactivity to junior pogos, and eventually lent a hand in creating a new extreme sport. After over 100 years, Flybar continues to be the world’s leading pogo stick company. In 2015, Flybar once again changed hands and continued to expand, not only by developing additional pogo sticks, but also by creating new product lines and acquiring different companies. Flybar has a new mission – to own the backyard. We believe in healthy, active play. We want to get kids off the screens and back outside so that they can experience the same passion for outdoors that we did while growing up. Remember when we had to get back home for dinner because the street lights came on? Kids these days don’t know that rule. We’re doing our best to change that! Our product lines range from pogo sticks and bounce toys to skateboards and scooters, electric 6-volt ride-ons, swings, animal hoppers, trampolines, snow sleds, toddler RC cars, and more.


I bought this toy for my daughter, and she absolutely loves it! The vibrant colors, interactive features, and durable construction make it perfect for hours of imaginative play. Highly recommended!

Emily M.

I purchased this toy for my son, and it has been a fantastic learning tool. The interactive features help develop his cognitive skills, and the quality is excellent. A great investment

David L.

This toy is a hit with the entire family! From toddlers to adults, we all enjoy playing with it. The versatility and engaging design make it suitable for different age groups. Thumbs up

Emma B.

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