Super Pogo 2

$ 189.99

Constructed of aircraft-grade 6160 aluminum and heavy-duty metal, rubber, and plastic, this pogo is built to last and provide healthy fun and exercise. It comes fully assembled with replaceable handgrips, foot strips, and a rubber tip. This spring-powered pogo is made to accommodate extreme jumping while safety supporting riders.

Age Ranges: 14 and up.
Weight: 90 to 200 lbs.  


  • Vertical reinforcing chambers
  • Made to accommodate extreme jumping
  • Built to Last: Aluminum & heavy duty metal, rubber and plastic parts
  • Bike pedal-width foot pegs for stability and control
  • Replaceable handle grips, foot strips and rubber tip
  • Handlebar rotation to desired position
  • Fully Assembled
  • 1 year warranty