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Flybar Team Members Giving Back: RPM & St. Jude

While I no longer actively volunteer to help run fundraisers like I did when I was in college, two causes I strongly support are the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, my sorority’s national philanthropy, and St. Jude. Robbie Page Memorial is a foundation that was initially established to fund polio research projects but evolved to fund therapeutic play when polio was cured. As much as we’d love for the world to be a place of joy for children, many kids become ill. When children are undergoing treatments, play therapy helps these young patients understand their illness and treatments. It helps to clarify the unknown in a way they can understand, through play, turning fear into hope.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital uses medical play in their work with children. Like Robbie Page, St. Jude serves children in their time of need, never turning away a child because of their family's inability to pay. I’m sure we’ve all sobbed through their commercials at least once so we know St. Jude’s mission to “advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic disease through research and treatment” is something we can all get behind.
My passion for these causes is likely why I found myself drawn to the toy industry. Unlocking the power of play for all kids is a worthy cause. Children deserve to preserve their wonder for the world and just play. Perhaps, one day, with the help of funds and organizations like Robbie Page and St. Jude, no child will ever miss out on the magic of childhood.
To support these wonderful organizations, follow the links below: (Select Restricted Donation and Play Therapy Grants)
Michelle Villa
Marketing Associate